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T.J. Maxx (1995)
from 1995
Lever 2000 (1993)
from 1993
Bennigan's (1992)
from 1992
Skittles (1994)
from 1994
M&M's (1994)
from 1994
ABC Sitcom Promo (1992)
from 1992 (with Jay Mohr)
Six Flags (1994)
from 1994
Milk (1986)
from 1986 (with Darryl Strawberry)
Wal-Mart (2003)
from 2003
Bounty (2003)
from 2003
Quote O' Matic
  • The Shredder: You are here because the outside world rejects you. THIS is your family. *I* am your father. I want you all to become full members of the Foot. There is a new enemy: freaks of nature who interfere with our business. You are my eyes and ears; find them. Together we will punish these creatures. These....
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
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