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Where You're Going, It's Michelob (1984)
I just hope it doesn't impair your abilities..
Walt Disney's DTV On VHS (1984)
DTV being their music videos that set cartoon clips to popular music...
Twix-College Students (1984)
I like the 80s Twix ads better than the current ones...
Toto And Cyndi Lauper Albums At Target (1984)
More great mid-80s music...
Roller Castle (1984)
This ad promotes a Long Island roller skating rink.
REO Speedwagon's "Wheels Are Turnin'" (1984)
The album with "Can't Fight This Feeling"...
TCI Promo - Hospital TV arguement (1992)
After the man drops the remote control, We see "The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon".
Pierre Cardin Men's Cologne (1984)
This better-quality version isn't clipped at the end.
PH Balanced Secret (1984)
A man and a woman play racquetball before their night out.
The Okimate 10 Printer (1984)
Printers have come a long way...
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  • Dr. Tart: Say, did you see the look of the Chief's face when we got called in to solve the Morley case?
    -Dr. Tart
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