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Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard (1988)
I loved the lovely music when shows page information. But then the volcano explodes.
TBS Commercial Breaks (Part 6) (1991)
Here is the last part.
TBS Commercial Breaks (Part 5) (1991)
Here is part 5.
TBS Commercial Breaks (Part 4) (1991)
Here is part 4.
TBS Commercial Breaks (Part 3) (1991)
Here is part 3.
TBS Commercial Breaks (Part 2) (1991)
Here is part 2.
TBS Commercial Breaks (Part 1) (1991)
Part 1 of the commercial breaks during Tom and Jerry's TBS Funhouse.
TimeLife Music - Unforgettable Fiftie's (1988)
I remember seeing this commercial on TBS. Back when it was on Vinyl records, cassettes and CDs.
TBS - Cosmic Pyramid in Space (1988)
One of the classic bumpers of TBS Superstation. Back when TBS was "Very Funny".
TBS Hollywood Legends Bumper and Image Promo (1990)
Back in the day when TBS (WTBS-TV 17 Atlanta Superstation) was worth watching.
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