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The Replacements on Disney Channel. (2008)
Replace someone is fun on Disney Channel with The Replacements.
Amblimation (1991)
This is the Amblimation logo, which was first seen at the end of "An American Tail: Fievel Goes West".
Where You're Going, It's Michelob (1984)
I just hope it doesn't impair your abilities..
Walt Disney's DTV On VHS (1984)
DTV being their music videos that set cartoon clips to popular music...
Twix-College Students (1984)
I like the 80s Twix ads better than the current ones...
Toto And Cyndi Lauper Albums At Target (1984)
More great mid-80s music...
Roller Castle (1984)
This ad promotes a Long Island roller skating rink.
REO Speedwagon's "Wheels Are Turnin'" (1984)
The album with "Can't Fight This Feeling"...
TCI Promo - Hospital TV arguement (1992)
After the man drops the remote control, We see "The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon".
Pierre Cardin Men's Cologne (1984)
This better-quality version isn't clipped at the end.
Quote O' Matic
  • Lama- What! I'm missing Bay-watch!
    Wakko- But we have a very very very very very very very very
    *Yakko hits Wakko
    Wakko- Important question to ask you.
  • Animaniacs
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