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San Antonio, The Daisies and S&S Movies on KPLR-TV (1987)
With San Antonio from 1945, Please Don't Eat the Daisies from 1960 and Stars & Stripes Forever from 1952.
KPLR-TV Station ID (1986) (1986)
Taken from 1986-87 logo.
Gidget's Summer Reunion Movie on KPLR-TV (1985)
Taken from 1985 Gidget Movie.
Ford Taurus at Mid-America Ford Dealers (1987)
Network Music's Newscenter
Ford Lincoln Mercury Buy Now Sales Drive Metro SL (1987)
Network Music's Energy III
Cavalier Ford in You Deserve a Chance (1987)
Network Music's High Voltage
Rifles, Bogen and Night's Work Movies on KPLR-TV (1985)
With 100 Rifles from 1969, Escape from Bogen County from 1977 and All in a Night's Work from 1961.
FOX Kids Network - V.R. Troopers promos (1994)
The promos of V.R. Troopers when it aired on FOX Kids Network.
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