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HBO - Behind the Scenes - UHF (1989)
HBO takes you behind the scenes of Weird Al Yankovic's first (and only) movie: UHF.
Brain Tumor Society - Star Wars - No Smoking (1981)
C3PO tells R2D2 that smoking is not very healthy.
NBC Saturday Morning Cartoon Promo (1978) (1978)
Promo features reference to the 1976 King Kong by Dino De Laurentiis. Kong is dancing on the Twin Towers.
Chuck E. Cheese's Ad - My Vacation (1990)
A summer CEC commercial from 1990.
MTV ID - Piano (1992)
Created by Bros Quay
Korean Veggietales Ad (2000)
If veggietales is anime only korean just like klonoa
CGR Review-Klonoa Empire of Dreams for GBA (2001)
A Review Game commercial of Klonoa Empire of Dreams for GBA (Gameboy Advanced)
Klonoa Door 2 Phantomile For PSX (1997)
This Commercial in Japanese not America
Quote O' Matic