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Diet Sprite VS Diet 7UP TV Commerical (1986)
I've always liked Sprite better then 7up
Prince Spaghetti (1986)
from 1986
Disneyland Christmas (1992)
from 1992
Radio Shack with Peter Nero (1978)
An ad from 1978.
Radio Shack-Cellular Telephones (1989)
An ad from 1989.
Radio Shack-Tandy Notebook Computers (1991)
A holiday themed ad from 1991.
Radio Shack-The Jetsons (1997)
A Sprint/Radio Shack ad starring The Jetsons from 1997.
Radio Shack with Paul Burke (1977)
Paul Burke stars in a Radio Shack ad from 1977.
Panasonic VCRs (1978)
A 1978 ad.
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