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Nickelodeon Movies (Good Burger variant) (1997)
It's better like high definition of the CGI animation opening sequence of Nickelodeon Movies logo.
McDonald's McPizza (1989)
1989 launch ad.
McDonald's McDLT (1985)
Launch ad for the sandwich.
McDonald's Pizza (1993)
Also includes a promo for "Hearts Afire".
McDonald's Arch Deluxe-Career Day (1996)
Did anybody else think as a kid that this was actually a very good sandwich?
McDonald's Arch Deluxe (1996)
Launch ad for the sandwich
Waterbed Savers (1987)
This ad promotes a discount waterbed store.
"Taxi" On WDZL (1987)
This ad promotes a syndicated airing of the show.
Super Golden Crisp Cereal (1987)
This ad also promotes a Sugar Bear toy as the prize in the box.
Quote O' Matic
  • Did you ever notice that America is shaped like one big, giant toilet bowl?
    -Bret Hart on Raw cutting a heel promo
  • WWE Monday Night RAW