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Sleep Number - Take the Roar Out of the Snore (2015)
This is the same commercial, but converted to a low pitch so "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" will have a correct pitch.
Sleep Number - Take the Roar Out of Snore (2015)
This is a Sleep Number commercial with the high-pitched version of the song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". What the heck is going on with the US?!
Mattel - Nickelodeon Floam (Japan) (1995)
The BGM music is different and American with Japanese voice dubbing version of the TV advert in 15 seconds spot.
Mattel - Nickelodeon GAK (Japan) (1995)
Another advert of Japan. BGM music sounds the same like UK TV advert because of American with Japanese language dub. Includes GAK Copier.
Mattel - Nickelodeon GAK (Japan) (1993)
They sold in Japan. Only Japanese language. It use the drawing art, copy it, and stretched up.
Mattel - Nickelodeon GAK (UK) (1993)
This video is small due to the bad quality. The BGM music sounds the same like Japan version of TV advert. It's very American with UK redub version.
Nickelodeon ID - Now we're making movies (1997)
It's like Good Burger movie in 1997 film. lol
Nickelodeon ID - Simmerdown (1997)
Just like Stick Stickly says that.
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