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CN SVES Samurai Jack The Birth of Evil (2003)
Here is a Cartoon Network Saturday Video Entertainment System promo for the 2003 Samurai Jack two-part special, The Birth of Evil.
PBS Kids promo from WTVS-TV 56 Detroit (1993)
I think I remember this when they ran "Cro" on PBS Kids.
Got Milk? - Corn Flakes (1996)
Fourth of four.
Got Milk? - Sandwich (1996)
Third of four.
Got Milk? - Pop Tart (1996)
Second of four.
Got Milk? - Donut (1996)
First of four.
Zales-Many Different Women (1980)
"No one knows more than the diamond store".
Let The Yellow Pages Do Your Talking (1980)
This ad combines live action and animation.
WPTV-Viewer Comments And "Donahue" (1980)
I couldn't separate these ads, so here they are back to back.
WPTV's The People Speak-The Clean Air Ordinance (1980)
A smoker named Bonnie Sue Brown speaks in favor of this motion.
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