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Samurai Jack The Legend Begins 2 (2001)
Another short promo for the premiere movie, only this time, you can hear Samurai Jack screaming "AAAKUUUUU!!!", followed by Aku laughing.
Samurai Jack -- The Legend Begins (2001)
Here is a 15-second promo from back in 2001 for the premiere movie that launches Samurai Jack (2001-2004) on Cartoon Network.
The Disney Channel Closed Caption Announcement (1993)
In 1993, They changed the byline from "The Hearing Impaired" to "The Deaf and Hard of Hearing."
Fox Video Family VHS Promo (1993)
This is a Fox Video promo showing short trailers for three family films taken from the original 1993 VHS of "Once Upon a Forest".
LJN Video Art (1987)
In honor of the AVGN's newest video.
The Disney Channel Feature Presentation / Advisory (1988)
When they ran movies like E.T. or other PG-13 rated movies, They warn parents that it contains scenes that maybe too intense for young kids.
Densetsu No Stafy Commercial 2 (2002)
The second commercial for the Japanese GBA game!
Chu Chu Rocket Commercial (1999)
A Japanese Commercial of Chu Chu Rocket for the GBA and Dreamcast.
Densetsu No Stafy Commercial 1 (2002)
The first Commercial of the Japanese GBA game!
Turner Pictures Worldwide (1994)
This logo is taken from the UK VHS of "The Pagemaster". I have converted this logo from PAL to NTSC by using Windows Live Movie Maker.
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