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Hot Days Cool Nights Promo (1995)
Theme song of a 90s Disney Channel block.
Hot Days Cool Nights Bumper (1995) (1995)
Short version of the theme song of a 90s Disney Channel block.
Kingsford Charcoal (1989)
from 1989
Heinz Ketchup (1989)
from 1989
Toon Disney Promo - Sometoons for Everyone (1998)
Yes, I loved Toon Disney in the days when it had Raw Toonage (Where Marsupilami debut).
Fisher Price PXL 2000 Video System (1987)
From 1987 an ad for this interesting short-lived video format.
Cartoon Network - Jan. 2000 Promos & Bumpers (2000)
A collection of promos and bumpers that aired on Cartoon Network sometime around January 2000. All credit goes to RetroCCN for recording this footage.
Kool-Aid (1991)
from 1991
HBO Cinemax - Director's Chair Intro (1988)
Does anybody remember this?
Life Savers Compilation (1973)
From the 70s.
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