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The Disney Channel - Sign off (1986)
In 1986, They updated the sign-off with a view of the planetarium at Epcot Centre of Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.
Wednesday On ABC In 1982 (1982)
"The Greatest American Hero", "The Fall Guy" and "Dynasty" are promoted.
A WABC News Promo From 1982 (1982)
This news promo with Ernie Anastos is followed by a quick Emery Worldwide ad.
Ultra Ban Solid (1982)
Racing Yuppies serve as a metaphor for how this deodorant can protect you during an active day.
Tuesday On ABC In 1982 (1982)
"Three's Company", "Too Close For Comfort" and "Hart To Hart" are promoted.
Sure Natural Maxi Shields (1982)
It's "the thick pad protection that isn't thick".
The Pepsi Generation-School Dance (1982)
Pepsi helps two kids overcome their shyness.
Pam Dawber For Noxzema (1982)
The former "Mork And Mindy" star promotes this skin product.
New Freedom Maxi Pads (1982)
This tampon ad talks about adhesive strips.
NBC Saturdat Morning Fever Promo (King Kong) (1978)
Here is an NBC Saturday Morning Fever with King Kong dancing on the Twin Towers.
Quote O' Matic
  • Sammy Jo: (addressed to Stephen Carrington) "Just because your playmate died and your ex-wife married your lover is no reason to take it out on me." circa 1986

  • Dynasty