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Pretty Love Lashes Commercial (1998)
Remember when Toys R Us made their own exclusive toys?
Fishin' Around Commercial (Full Version) (1998)
Somebody already uploaded the short version of this ad, and here's the full version, from an episode of Mr. Moose's Fun Time on Fox Family.
Caffeine Free Diet Coke (1985)
from 1985 (with Martin Mull)
Hershey's Bar (1987)
from 1987
Butterfinger (1988)
from 1988
Pizza Hut (1983)
from 1983
Pert Shampoo (1984)
from 1984
Disney World (1990)
from 1990
Bubble Yum Wacky Fruit (1984)
from 1984
Pokemon Pasta (2000)
Who's that bite-sized Pokemon?
Quote O' Matic
  • Squidward and Plankton: People talk loud when they want to sound smart, right?" "CORRECT!!!
    -Squidward and Plankton
  • SpongeBob SquarePants