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Neosporin (2000)
from 2000
Downy (1998)
from 1998
Scope (1997)
from 1997
Huggies Ultratrim (2003)
from 2003
Tiger Games 2-pack:Space Jam & Indy 500 R-Zone (1995)
A collection of two commercials. One for the Tiger handheld game for "Space Jam" followed by Indy 500 on the R-Zone.
GCE Vextrex (1983)
US launch ad.
Bounty (1998)
from 1998
Ritz Chips (2003)
from 2003 (with George Hamilton)
Quote O' Matic
    Smoggies, Smoggies,
    Smokey, oily, greasy,
    Smoggies, Smoggies,
    Smokey, oily, greasy,

    Have you met the Smoggies?
    We love the soot and grime,
    We make the whole world dirty,
    And we have a real good time.
    We love to make things messy,
    Just as dirty as can be,
    And you can be...
  • Smoggies