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Got Milk? - Corn Flakes (1996)
Fourth of four.
Got Milk? - Sandwich (1996)
Third of four.
Got Milk? - Pop Tart (1996)
Second of four.
Got Milk? - Donut (1996)
First of four.
Zales-Many Different Women (1980)
"No one knows more than the diamond store".
Let The Yellow Pages Do Your Talking (1980)
This ad combines live action and animation.
WPTV-Viewer Comments And "Donahue" (1980)
I couldn't separate these ads, so here they are back to back.
WPTV's The People Speak-The Clean Air Ordinance (1980)
A smoker named Bonnie Sue Brown speaks in favor of this motion.
"The Mary Tyler Moore Show" On WPTV (1980)
This ad promotes reruns of the CBS show on this NBC affiliate.
Bob Alan On WPTV (1980)
This ad promotes a weather program with the WPTV anchor.
Quote O' Matic
  • Due to the unscheduled trip to the autowrecking yard the bus will be out of commission for two weeks. Note: by reading this letter aloud you have waved any responsibility on our part in purpetuity throughout the known universe. Mmmmm!!!

    --Marge Simpson
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