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Jordache Basics (1980)
Like mother, like daughter...
Sailor Moon for Asahi Apple Shoes (1990)
Japanese Commercial
The Patrick Ewing Collection From Adidas (1990)
The basketball player poses while showing off his footwear. It cuts off at the end, though.
Larry Hagman For BVD Clothing (1980)
In character as J.R from "Dallas", Hagman talks about his support of the product.
"The Avengers" Fashions (1990)
In this E! news story, reporters Greg Agnew and Jules Asner showcase fashions inspired by the ill-fated 1998 movie "The Avengers". Jules Asner looks a
Connie Shoes (1980)
I would like to have seen her wearing them. She still looks great, though.
Levis' 501 Jeans (1980)
The blue tint is a nice touch.
Sasson Jeans (1980)
A MILF walks down the street to the tune of an adaptation of Roy Orbison's hit "Pretty Woman". Orbison himself makes a brief cameo in the video. The l
Quote O' Matic
  • Dude in prison cell with Billy Ray: "It ain't cool being no jive turkey so close to Thanksgiving."
  • Trading Places