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Gowns At K-Mart (1980)
Several early-80s ladies show off the gowns in a Christmas-themed ad.
Another Commercial For The Gap (1990)
"Everybody In Leather", which was yet another commercial where an 80s song (in this case, Depeche Mode's "Just Can't Get Enough") is covered by some d
The Gap (1990)
"Everybody In Vests", otherwise known as the infamous commercial where an upbeat Madonna song is covered by a morose-looking group of disenfranchised
Tommy Hilfiger (1990)
This commercial features the cast of the then-new movie "The Faculty".
Fruit of the Loom (1970)
Grandmother gets Fruit of the Loom
Foot Locker (1980)
In this ad, a young, thin and in-possession-of-lots-of-hair John Goodman talks about the shoes he needs.
Calvin Klein Jeans (1980)
In this ad, Brooke Shields uses a dictionary to piece together the meaning of the product name.
Candie's Shoes (1980)
The ad seems to say that if you want to impress a man, then these are the shoes that you need.
JeanJer Jeans (1980)
I can't blame the guy for concentrating on the other model.
Luv It Junior Collection (1980)
This ad features Dean Paul Martin, the late song of famed singer Dean Martin.
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  • Captain Von Drake: (singing) *I DON'T HAVE A TATTOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!...* Was I off-key?!
    -Captain Von Drake
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