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The Playtex Wow Bra (1980)
This is an Australian ad for a bra without an underwire featuring several good-looking (at least I think so) ladies performing a jazzy little number a
A Chic Jeans Ad (1980)
Why do I think of Miquel Brown's song "So Many Men, So Little Time" when watching this ad?
Dear Mandee (1990)
I detect a "Max Headroom" influence in this ad for the popular clothing store chain.
A Levi's 501 Jeans Ad (1980)
This ad gives a new meaning to "stone washed jeans". I would love to have a figure like his. That is what attracts ladies (and some men, I would imagi
A Levi's Cords Ad (1980)
This ad for this brand of Levi's jeans has a very stylish attitude to it. I especially find the pool scene to be good-looking.
A Levi's Jeans Ad (1980)
This ad features people wearing various Levi's jeans while a spoof of the song "Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys" plays in the background.
Another Wrangler Jeans Ad (1980)
This ad is inspired by "Raiders Of The Lost Ark".
A Wrangler Jeans Ad (1980)
"One tough customer", but not when it comes to the ladies.
Favya Shoes (1980)
I wouldn't mind being around those girls' ideas of fun.
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