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Ratings Advice Australian Promo (1995)
Originally uploaded in PAL format on YouTube, this is the Ratings Advice promo from Australia converted to NTSC.
Euro Disney Resort Commercial (1993)
This is the Euro Disney Resort commercial taken from the original UK VHS of "Beauty and the Beast".
Rugrats promo - Kaleidoscope (2005)
This is a generic voiceover-free promo for Rugrats that resembles a four-mirrored kaleidoscope.
Disneyland Paris Commercial (1994)
This is a Disneyland Paris commercial from 1994.
PBS Kids Bumper - NHPTV Trusts in You. (1993)
A promo spot for New Hampshire Public Television (WENH-TV Durahm, Channel 11).
Sesame Street promo for MEPTV (WCBB-TV Channel 10) (1992)
A promo for Sesame Street with Elmo, Rosita, Telly, Colambo, and Polly Darton, And the citizens of Portland Maine.
Walt Disney's DTV On VHS (1984)
DTV being their music videos that set cartoon clips to popular music...
TCI Promo - Hospital TV arguement (1992)
After the man drops the remote control, We see "The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon".
MTV Weekend-Styx And REO Speedwagon (1984)
Nowadays, they're seen on VH1 Classic, when they actually play videos.
MTV Music News (1984) (1984)
MTV Hits is where this is at now.
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