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La Culpa Telenovela on Univision in Conocimos (1997)
Taken from Mexican Telenovela.
Despierta America on Univision with Tigres #1 (1997)
Taken from 1997 with guest #1 Regional Mexican band group Los Tigres del Norte.
Despierta America on Univision in Parecidas de Luz (1997)
Taken from 1997 with 4 participant look-alike girls of Mexican Telenovela Luz Clarita.
Deportes Univision Breves Fútbol Italia de Milan (1997)
Taken from 1997 with Gabriela Hill.
Cámara Infraganti on Univision in Más Chistosa (1997)
Taken from Mexican Reality like spanish version of America's Funniest Home Videos. Hosted by Oscar Cadena.
USA Tonight On WPIX (1987)
This was a news program that aired on WPIX in the 80s.
"Sons Of Scarface" On WPIX (1987)
This is a promo for a 1987 special hosted by Gerald Rivera.
A Promo For "Runaway With The Rich And Famous" (1987)
This is a promo for the short-lived spin-off of "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous".
Jerry Girard On INN On WPIX (1987)
This ad promotes one of the members of WPIX's old news show.
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