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SoapNet (2004)
This channel is now Disney Junior.
Season 2 Of "Laguna Beach" On DVD (2006)
I still don't know anything about this show.
Season 1 Of "Laguna Beach" On DVD (2005)
I never watched this.
FX-There Is No Box (2010)
Some shows in this ad are either cancelled or now on FXX.
Season 1 Of "Charmed" On DVD (2005)
I think this was uncut...I don't think subsequent seasons were.
Season 1 Of "The Brady Bunch" On DVD (2004)
This is an ad for the first DVD release of the popular series.
20th Century Fox's Digital Copy (2010)
One of the "Ice Age" sequels is mentioned as an example of a movie using this.
20th Century Fox's 75th Anniversary (2010)
This ad promotes DVDs and Blu-Rays of assorted Fox titles.
The John Wayne Collection On DVD (2005)
This ad promotes Paramount's John Wayne films.
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