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"Dance Floor" PSA - Drug-Free America (1995)
a guy being discuss about the girl smoking pot?
"Grave Words" PSA - Drug-Free America (1989)
a father talks to his son on his grave about drugs?
"Bathroom Meeting" PSA - Drug-Free America (1988)
Welcome to the Glamourus World of Drugs?
"Who Wants" PSA - Drug-Free America (1994)
1994 PSA from the "Partnership for a Drug-Free America"
"Noses" PSA - Partnership for a Drug-Free America (1997)
If you use your nose, for sniffing things of getting high, You could get brain damage or die, that's really stupid?
"Vegetable" PSA - Drug-Free America (1987)
1987 PSA from the "Partnership for a Drug-Free America"
"The More You Know" PSA - with John Ratzenberger (1990)
John Ratzenberger talks about Education and teachers?
Israel Public Service Ad Driving Refreshment (1996)
The Israel Public Service Ad in Hebrew advises that Driving wears you down? Stop for Refreshment.
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  • Mario: You didn't tell me you were bringing a secret weapon Luigi.
    Luigi: That's mama Luigi to you, Mario. *Wheeze*
  • Super Mario World