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Partnership for a Drug-Free America "Pushers" PSA (1989)
Get a fix on your Kids, Before the pushers do!
Original Drug-Free America "Sniffing" PSA (2000)
Be nice to your Brain, One day you might need it, Don't use inhalents to get high
"Sniffing Can Toast Your Brain" PSA (2001)
So be nice to your brain, One day you might need it
Larisa Oleynik for The Big Help (1998)
A short PSA featuring Larisa Oleynik of Alex Mack fame.
2 Visiting Nurse Service Of New York Ads (1998)
Different people being helped by this company...
UNICEF Trick-Or-Treating (1998)
Penny Hardaway appears in this ad.
The Professional Career Development Institute (1998)
14 careers and the chance to earn a high school diploma...
Drug-Free America - Yes, You Can Beat Drugs? (1990)
New York Newsday and Norstar Bank presents the anti-drug campaign, and plus the Public TV Anti-Drug messages from the Partnership for a Drug-Free Amer
Continuum Health Services-Get A Checkup (1998)
Take care of your heart.
"Marijuana" Partnership for a Drug-Free America (1992)
Now you know what is like to be 13 years old, Talk to your kids about Marijuana
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  • Flint: Remember a Cobra's a snake; and SNAKE is SNEAK spelled sideways
  • G.I. Joe