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J.C Penney Home Collections (2014)
Different ways to decorate your home...
H.H Gregg-Driving Instructor (2014)
The actor playing the driving instructor in this ad looks familiar.
G-U-M Tooth Products (2014)
Several different ways to get clean in between your teeth...
BlueCross BlueShield (2014)
This ad is followed by a brief promo for "Windy City Live".
Tina Fey For American Express Ad 2 (2014)
Yogurt is one of the 20 items Tina Fey purchases in this ad.
Tina Fey For American Express Ad 1 (2014)
This ad talks about how buying 20 items per month with an American Express card can get you more rewards points.
Sharp VHS Camcorders (1991)
My family had one of these high-end units when I was young.
Joan Rivers for MCI (1984)
From 1984. RIP Joan Rivers
eBay (2006)
from 2006
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