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BK TeeVee Meatloaf 2 (1993)
Bob Eucker wasn't enough to save this turd of a sandwich!
BK TeeVee Meatloaf 1 (1993)
I'll have #2 soon.
BK TeeVee Table Service (1993)
Oh man, this restaurant is RADICAL!. uploaded on youtube by user gensu3k1
BK TeeVee (Better Quality) (1993)
have it your way
McDonalds-Hardnose Mrs. Hatcher (1988)
25 years ago, these types of ads were acceptable. Now? Not so much.
Wendy's Taco Salad (1989) (1989)
Dave Thomas appears in this ad.
Kentucky Fried Chicken In Beijing (1989)
I wonder if this location is still open.
Domino's Pan Pizza-The Noid's TV (1989)
The Noid loses himself with the remote control over Domino's Pan Pizza.
Domino's Pan Pizza-The Noid And The Newspaper (1989)
Reading about Domino's Pan Pizza gets the Noid frustrated.
Wendy's-The Marine (1988)
A Marine asks questions of the person asking about the burgers.
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