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Doritos (1989)
from 1989 (with Jay Leno)
Ballpark Franks (1989)
from 1989
JIF Peanut Butter (1988)
from 1988
Cool Whip (1988)
from 1988
Holiday Chocolates (1986)
from 1986
Marilyn Monroe Coca Cola (1950)
This was created in the 1950s. I am uncertain of which year this was. Recovered with help from the Marilyn Monroe Project.
Jolly Rancher (1992)
from 1992
Cheese (1991)
from 1991
Doublemint Gum (1991)
from 1991
Quote O' Matic
  • Leader-1: You won't get away with this.
    The Master Renegade: And how do you propose to stop me? One move and she gets it.
    Small Foot Don't worry about me. Grab him!
    Crasher: Very noble dear but they won't do it. Guardians are such goody goodies.
  • The Challenge Of The GoBots