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The Anthony Richards Catalog (1998)
This was a plus-size clothing for women collection.
L.A Gear Shoes-City Of Women (1988)
This ad, as you can tell from the title, centers around women.
L.A Gear Shoes-The Basketball Couple (1988)
A man and woman practice outside for his game inside.
Troma Shirts (1993)
The Toxic Avenger and Sgt. Kabukiman N.Y.P.D appear in this lengthy ad for Troma shirts.
Marshalls' Summer Clothes (2004)
This ad comes from 2004.
P.S Gitano Jeans (1986)
A fashion shoot goes awry...
Playtex-Wow! (1981) (1981)
Playtex bras are "the unexpected underwires"...
The Art Institute's Fashion Merchandising Program (1988)
Locations all over the country...
1988 Olympic Shirts (1988)
Money from the purchase of these shirts went to benefit the U.S Olympic team.
Women's Sandals At Payless (1985)
This ad has a mother talking about wearing the shoes at her son's baseball game.
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