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An Undie Leggs Ad (1980)
This was a panty and pantyhose in one set.
An Ad For The Red Barn (1980)
This was a clothing store in Rochester, NY.
A J.C Penney Ad With Christopher Reeve (1970)
Originally posted to YouTube by robatsea2009, this early ad with the "Superman" actor promotes their 10 Dollar Dress Shirts.
A Huggies Ad With A Polaroid Tie-In (1980)
This ad says that you could get a Polaroid Spirit 600 camera with $9.99 and 36 Huggies Points. It sounds like Sammy Davis Jr. is performing "You Ought
Mutual Life Of Canada's Mutual Group (1980)
"Facing tomorrow together", and apparently doing so with several faces...
Pants At Sears (1980)
This 1989 ad came from Canada.
1992 Hanes Commercial (1990)
I hear this commercial in my head everyday.
Mushrooms sandals (1980)
With tiny air bubbles that cushion you as you walk. Originally posted to YouTube by 'gamelover1949'.
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