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Panasonic 3DO (1993)
The original launch commercial.
Atari Jaguar (1992)
The launch ad for the system and its "Do the math" campaign.
Tiger (1995)
It looks a lot better in the commercial.
Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Another commercial for the Virtual Boy
Virtual Boy games (1995)
An ad for 4 new games.
Virtual Boy (1995)
The original launch commercial.
Klonoa Psx Commercial Japan Verison (1998)
Sorry could not find America one I fail
Keroro Gunso Ps2 (2004)
Keroro Gunso Ps2 Release in Japan
Magnavox Odyssey (1972)
Quite the ad for such a simple product.
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  • Pierre the Waiter: Say are you Guy Smiley? Well, Then welcome again to Chez Normie. The Restaurant of the Semi-Stars.
  • Guy Smiley: Thank you, Pierre. And I hope you have lots of chairs, Pierre. Because today, I Guy Smiley, America's Favorite Game Show host, Is taking my studio audience to lunch.
  • Sesame Street