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"The Adventures Of Bayou Billy" (1980)
The ad for this NES game makes mention of its' sale at Toys 'R Us.
2 Akklaim NES Ads (1980)
The first ad promotes the "Wrestlemania" video game with voice-overs by Vinc McMahon and the late Randy Savage, and the second promotes the Akklaim Wi
Nuts For Nintendo (1980)
This is a 20/20 segment on the NES from December 1988. Oh, and about the watermark on the bottom of the screen, I apologize for that. Don't let it dis
M Network's Sports Games For Atari (1980)
Deborah Foreman appears in this ad, originally posted to YouTube by seanmc31076.
"Sky Shark" From Taito For The NES (1980)
This ad came from 1989.
1983 Happy Trails Commercial (1980)
Originally uploaded by VintageCG of YouTube as part of a Defunct CG company's demo reel - Retro Phil
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