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Universal Pictures and StudioCanal (2013)
These are the Universal Pictures and StudioCanal logos taken from an international Blu-ray print of "Murder on The Orient Express".
Behind the Scenes Bumper (1989)
This is the Behind the Scenes bumper taken from the original VHS of "Cocktail", which I have not seen yet.
Miramax International, New Line, and Savoy (1996)
The New Line Cinema and Savoy Pictures logos are converted to NTSC, while the Miramax International is kept in that format.
Columbia TriStar Films (1992)
This is the Columbia TriStar Films logo
MGM (2012)
This is the same MGM logo with not just Leo the Lion's roar, but also with some additional sound used before the roar.
MGM (2012)
This is the current MGM logo with just Leo the Lion's roar.
MGM - Columbia Pictures (Skyfall) (2012)
These are the MGM and Columbia Pictures (with opening music playing over) logos taken from "Skyfall", which I have not seen yet.
MGM DVD (2003) (2003)
At least I think it's 2003...
The Busy World of Richard Scarry on Qubo (2013)
The Busy World of Richard Scarry shown on Qubo Channel.
Disney Channel Rollercoaster Tunnel (2004)
Disney Channel Bumper: Rollercoaster Tunnel Game.
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