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TriStar Pictures (Look Who's Talking Too) (1990)
This is the 1984 TriStar Pictures logo with the talking Pegasus taken from "Look Who's Talking Too".
Shadow Projects/Shoe Flip Productions (2003)
From Season 2 Of "Funniest Pets & People"
Kids' WB! Bumper (2001)
The Following Bumper Might Be Hillarious!
Disney Channel Coming up Next: Zenon (2003)
Disney Channel Coming up Next bumper: Zenon Girl of the 21st Century.
Universal Cartoon Studios (2004)
This is the widescreen version of the Universal Cartoon Studios logo taken from an international DVD printing of "Balto II: Wings of Change".
New Line Cinema (1994)
This is the silent version of the New Line Cinema logo with better quality taken from an international DVD printing of "The Swan Princess".
UNC-TV Remembers Fred Rogers (1928-2003) (2003)
Mr. McFeely comforts the tearful Read-a-roo that he misses Fred Rogers as well. Fred Rogers lost his battle against pneumonia. R.I.P. Fred Rogers :'(
Walt Disney Home Video Future Releases Bumper (1994)
This is the Walt Disney Home Video Future Releases bumper.
AMC - Feature Presentation (1992)
Nice cymbal clanging sound.
AMC - Coming Up Next - Tall In the Saddle (1992)
One of the coming up next bumpers of AMC with nice piano and flute background music.
Quote O' Matic
  • Darkwing Duck: (As a cowboy fighting a cowboy version of Megavolt) Give up! You are surrounded by an army of 12 thousand soldiers. (turns to camera)its an old military ploy we call lying.
    -Darkwing Duck
  • Darkwing Duck
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