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TBS - All Night Festival of Stars (1988)
Al Hirschfeld animated the stars of classic Hollywood movies. This was on TBS back in the days when they ran classic movies.
Hanna-Barbera-Frederator-Cartoon Network (1974)
Taken From 'What A Cartoon!"
TBS - Hollywood Mornings (1988)
Back when TBS Superstation ran classic movies. Before there was TCM. I love those pancakes and coffee. Yummy.
TBS - Cosmic Pyramid in Space (1988)
One of the classic bumpers of TBS Superstation. Back when TBS was "Very Funny".
Warner Bros. Family Entertainment (1993)
This is the early variant of the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo taken from "Dennis the Menace".
HBO Cinemax Featue Presentation (Palette/Daul BGM) (1988)
Did you know that the HBO Cinemax Feature Presentation actually has 2 BGM? One is Keytar/Techno score while the other is a New Age score.
Hot Days Cool Nights Bumper (1995) (1995)
Short version of the theme song of a 90s Disney Channel block.
HBO Cinemax - Director's Chair Intro (1988)
Does anybody remember this?
Showtime Feature Presentation / MPAA Notice (R) (1988)
Showtime will show an R rated movie only at night.
EWTN Station ID (2001) (2001)
The current EWTN bumper which used in 2001 with a synth orchestra tune featuring the intro of gregorian chant
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