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Cartoon Network-Easter Monkey (2003)
The end is clipped.
AMC Ident (1989)
One of the AMC (American Movie Classics) bumpers. Back when it was uncut and commercial free.
An HBO ID (1993)
From 1993 and includes an "In Stereo" bumper
THX - Homer Simpson kills Tex! (2007)
Here is Homer Simpson, patriarch of the Simpson family, bringing death and destruction and ruin to Tex The Robot from the THX trailers!
Helena Rubinstein Foundation Bumper- PTV (1990)
A long-time supporter of outstanding children's television.
Toon Disney Summer Break: Kim Possible (2005)
Toon Disney Summer Commercial Break: Kim Possible.
Nickelodeon Bumper- Guatemala (1990)
Yet another awesome jingle from Nickelodeon.
Quote O' Matic
  • Phineas Bogg: "Bat's Breath!"
    Jeffrey Jones: "You know the code, no romance while the omni is red!"
    Phineas Bogg: "We're Voyagers kid, Time waits for no man!"
  • Voyagers