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Gracie Films - With lyrics (2014)
Taken from "The Simpsons Guy". With Peter Griffin singing the Gracie Films jingle. "And now the show is over now!"
Kim Possible Greatest Hits on Disney Channel. (2004)
All of the Greatest Hits of Kim Possible on Disney Channel.
Disney Channel Bumper: Christy Carlson Romano (2003)
You're watching Disney Channel: Christy Carlson Romano from Kim Possible and Even Stevens.
TBS - Shooting Stars (1988)
One of the classic bumpers of TBS Superstation.
Cartoon Network - R.I.P. Chuck Jones (1912-2002) (2002)
Another one of the Cartoon Network In Memoriam bumpers. Chuck Jones passed away in 2002.
Cartoon Network - R.I.P. Joseph Barbera .... (2006)
.... (1911-2006) Joseph Barbera died in December of 2006.
TCM - R.I.P. Donald O'Connor (1925-2003) (2003)
TCM pays Tribute to the late Donald O'Connor with "Make 'Em Laugh" from the 1952 movie "Singing in the Rain".
Cartoon Network - R.I.P. William Hanna (1910-2001) (2001)
Cartoon Network did those bumpers when a famous cartoonist dies. William Hanna passed away in 2001.
WGBS-TV:Next-What A Cartoon! (1984)
Here's The WGBS-TV Next Bumper For What A Cartoon!
TBS - All Night Festival of Stars (1988)
Al Hirschfeld animated the stars of classic Hollywood movies. This was on TBS back in the days when they ran classic movies.
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