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Armor All In 1990 Ad 1 (1990)
He must be rich to have both vehicles.
1-900-Hot Auto (1990)
This was a phone number for cars that were to be auctioned.
Mitsubishi Diamante (1992)
an ad for the Mitsubishi Diamante that claims it has over 100 unique patents.
Chrysler Eagle Vision (1992)
Fast-paced ad for te Eagle Vision SE
Nissan Altima (1992)
Nissan as claiming their Altima is just as well built as a Lexus
Sparkle Car Wash (1985)
This ad for a North Carolina car wash is preceded by the MTV Through History I.D.
Western Datsun (1984)
This was another car dealer in Texas.
Rodney D. Young Ad 3 (1984)
A wallet gets messed up in this ad.
Rodney D. Young Ad 2 (1984)
The people from the previous ad reverse the order of appearance.
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