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Rodney D. Young Ad 3 (1984)
A wallet gets messed up in this ad.
Rodney D. Young Ad 2 (1984)
The people from the previous ad reverse the order of appearance.
Rodney D. Young Ad 1 (1984)
This was a car insurance company ad.
Custom Conversion Vans At Newman Chevrolet (1984)
This ad is preceeded by a WFAA All Night Movies bumper.
9.9 Financing At Champion Ford (1984)
This ad promotes a financing option for this Texas Ford dealer.
Plymouth's Horizon And Duster (1985)
This ad promotes 2 of Plymouth's well-known 80s cars.
The Plymouth Duster (The Short Version) (1985)
This is a short version, without watermarks, of the music video ad for this car.
Challenger And Sapporo (1983)
These were 2 Japanese imports to America from Dodge and Plymouth.
The Colt 5 Door Hatchback (1983)
A car with 5 doors?
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