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Michelin Tire Repair (1998)
Anniversary of Bibendum.
Wayne Phillis Ford (1989)
South Australian Ford dealer.
The Pontiac '98 Selldown (1998)
Getting ready for 1999...
The Oldsmobile Alero (1998)
"Start something".
The GMC Sonoma (1998) (1998)
This ad has a man riding with something unusual in his vehicle.
Geico-Doing Dumb Things (1998)
This is the full version of the 2nd ad from the 2nd back-to-back Geico video I posted.
Geico-Coffee And Fire (1998)
2 more back-to-back ads from before the Gecko era...
Geico-Fairies And Chickens (1998)
These are 2 back-to-back Geico ads.
Firestone Mastercare Car Service (1998)
It's a way to help out your car.
The Acura TL (1998)
This ad talks about how it's like 2 cars in 1.
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