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Milton-Bradley's Hangman (1989)
This ad has a country sound to it.
Fashion Star Fillies-Jocelyn (1989)
At least I think that's the spelling...
Cool Times Barbie (1989)
People still use the word cool...You rarely hear the other words in this ad.
Connect Four-Go 4 It! (1989)
We all remember this ad.
The Barbie Ferrari And Lil' Miss Dress-Up (1989)
2 back-to-back Mattel ads from Christmas of 1989...
Toys R Us-Grandpa/Boy (1980)
from the 80s
Big John Game (1995)
A board game ad featuring a talking toilet.
Barbie High Stepper Horse (1995)
It walks on its own
Baby Tumbles Surprise (1995)
A Baby Tumbles Surprise doll
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