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A Wrangler Jeans Ad (1980)
"One tough customer", but not when it comes to the ladies.
Favya Shoes (1980)
I wouldn't mind being around those girls' ideas of fun.
An Air Jordans Ad (1980)
Michael Jordan's shoes were banned from the pros, but the rest of us don't have to worry about it.
A Wonderbra Ad From Quebec (1980)
This ad features several female dancers. I wish I could follow the plot of the commercial better...Unfortunately, I don't speak French.
Sexy Legs And Sexy Nix (1980)
This is an Australian ad for this company's pantyhose and panties. Guys, this is only fiction.
David Jones Sun Dresses (1980)
This is another Australian clothing store that advertises their wears, in this case sun dresses
Myer Is Fashion (1980)
This is an Australian ad for a clothing chain that features a group of women showing off clothing from the store.
Thom McAn Shoes (1980)
Aaah, glorious color.
Woolco (1980)
A woman is singled out to be talked to about this store's clothing.
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