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Maybelline Dial-A-Lash (1980)
The Only Adjustable Mascara
Maybelline Shadow Stix (1980)
Shadow Stix From Maybelline-A New Twist On Creaseproof Eye Color
Walter Mondale Campaign (1980)
A Walter Mondale Campaign Ad-Teach Your Parents Well The song is a take on the tune "Teach Your Children Well".
Ronald Reagan Campaign (1980)
A Ronald Reagan Campaign Ad-The Bear
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (1980)
-Do The Walk
Hi-TechHair By House Of Masters (1980)
-The Active Man Of The 80s The background music comes from Wang Chung's soundtrack to the movie "To Live And Die In L.A".
Colonial Williamsburg (1994)
Scenic views for tourists to visit Colonial Williamsburg.
Quote O' Matic
  • Apocalypse: There is no freedom from me, only freedom through me.
  • X-Men