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"We're Cannon Films And We're Dynamite!" (1980)
This European promo for Cannon Films features the song "Winner Takes It All" by Sammy Hagar from the Cannon release "Over The Top".
Pat Collins Reviews "Carrie: The Musical" for WWOR (1980)
This is a very interesting review of a VERY interesting musical.
"Carrie: The Musical" At The Virginia Theatre (1980)
This is a commercial for the very short Broadway run of a musical based on the Stephen King book and Brian DePalma movie "Carrie".
"Star Trek" 25th Anniversary Promo At Nobody Beats The Wiz (1990)
With this deal, you could get a 2 dollar discount for VHS tapes or 4 dollar discount for laserdiscs of the first 5 "Star Trek" movies or any episode o
Norton Simon Museum (1970)
A very young Candice Bergen is featured in this commercial for the Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena, CA from the mid 1970's. In this montage of
Carpeteria (1970)
This cool commercial features scanimation and a rare appearance of the Carpeteria Genie at the beginning. This is from 1979.
The babysitters rating game part 2 -Don't tell mom the babysitters dead (1990)
I had to cut it off at the end. It was just a long list of rules 4mins long! The only things left aside from that were the send to address: Don't
Quote O' Matic
  • Larry: Larry: So Lizzie, do you think I have a chance with Miranda?
  • Lizzie McGuire