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Visa And MasterCard from CitiBank (1980)
This lady's husband must be a "Star Trek" fan if he can get James Doohan to help them out like this.
Chicago Health And Racqetball Club (1980)
This Christmas-oriented ad features a 2-memberships-for-the-price-of-1 promotion.
Another Cover Girl Make-Up Commercial (1980)
This time, the "Cover Girl Face" belongs to Kelly Emberg, who would go on to be Rod Stewart's wife...At least for a while.
L'Erin Cosmetics (1980)
This good-looking 80s lady demonstrates how these cosmetics "do the talking".
Old Spice (1980)
A mother and her daughter talk about how they love the man of the house and the cologne he wears.
"We're Cannon Films And We're Dynamite!" (1980)
This European promo for Cannon Films features the song "Winner Takes It All" by Sammy Hagar from the Cannon release "Over The Top".
Pat Collins Reviews "Carrie: The Musical" for WWOR (1980)
This is a very interesting review of a VERY interesting musical.
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  • Vorobyaninov: I am Cousin Kiev from Vorobyaninov, all the Micheals are dead!
  • The Twelve Chairs