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Freedom Rock (1980)
"Turn It Up, Man!"
Another Madonna Ad From Japan (1990)
Your guess is as good as mine when it comes to wondering what product Madonna is helping to advertise, but it's an interesting looking commercial, isn
Madonna's "The Immaculate Collection" (1990)
This ad promotes the release of Madonna's first Greatest Hits albums.
Clorets (1980)
A Revlon Ad (1980)
This ad for Revlon products features, among others, Little Richard, Mariel Hemingway, Andrew McCarthy and Grace Jones. It's cut off at the beginning a
Another Madonna Mitsubishi Ad (1980)
This is another Japanese ad featuring Madonna helping to promote Mitsubishi VCRs. In this ad, she sings the song "True Blue". There's a long version o
A Mitsubishi Ad Featurng Madonna (1980)
This Japanese ad features Madonna singing "La Isla Bonita" while the product is being advertised.
Pantene Shampoos And Conditioners (1980)
Kelly LeBrock compares her grooming habits with the viewers.
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