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Bob Barker For Academy Life Insurance (1980)
A younger-looking Bob Barker talks about a health care plan for senior citizens.
The Loop FM 98 (1980)
The smokin' hot radio spokeslady Lorelei talks about this station while dressed in aerobics wear. I *LOVE* her voice. Listen for The Police's "Every B
The Wonders Down Under (1980)
This Australian tourism ad introduced American audiences to Paul Hogan, who would later go on to great success in the movie "'Crocodile' Dundee".
A Tylenol Ad (1980)
An aerobics instructor named Cheryl Betyar talks about her support of the product. A plug for Tylenol Caplets is included at the end.
Ivory Shampoo And Conditioner (1980)
Another one of those 80s blondes I love so much enjoys the product. She has nice hair.
An American Express Ad (1980)
This ad features Sony founder Akio Morita.
Oxy 10 (1980)
This ad features a very enthusiastic young man getting rid of his zits using this product.
Together Personal Dating Service (1990)
This is a no-frills ad for a New York-based dating service.
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