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"Star Trek" Collectors' Plates (1980)
James Doohan helps to promote these collectibles. It's cut off at the end.
Alberto Styling Gel (1980)
I think these women are hot, although they probably look back upon themselves with mockery and/or shame.
A Full-Length Madonna Mitsubishi Ad From Japan (1980)
This is the full-length version of an earlier ad I posted.
A New Zealand Tourism Ad (1980)
"Stay where you are, New Zealand. I'm coming over". I didn't know that they had snow there.
Terminator 2 3-D: Battle Across Time (1990)
This promotes the ride at Universal Studios Florida. I don't know if it made it to Universal Studios Hollywood.
Jurassic Park: The Ride (1990)
This promotes the ride at Universal Studios Hollywood. It would later come to Universal Studios Florida's Islands Of Adventures.
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