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Levi Garrett Chewing Tobacco (1980)
I wish that the execs would stop pussing out and start to get tobacco ads back on the air.
Personna Shower Shaver For Women (1980)
I wish we could see more of the lady...Well, as much as they could get away with on TV.
Leonard Nimoy For Magnavox (1980)
The famed actor promotes the company's Star System TVs.
George Burns For Pollenex Air Filter (1980)
He definitely has some good-looking friends.
Andy Griffith For AT&T (1980)
The actor talks about his like of the company's products.
Z-100 (1980)
This brief spot promotes the radio station.
Who Is Old Spice For? (1980)
This ad talks about who the scent is good for.
Elizabeth Montgomery For Kainess Hair Conditioner (1970)
The "Bewitched" actress talks about this product, and even works in her nose thing from the show.
Clairol Custom CareSetter (1980)
More ladies, more hair and a new way to take care of it.
Freehold Styling Mousse From L'Oreal (1980)
Some more 80s ladies show off the end results of this product.
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  • Eddie: I was just trying...
  • J. Jonah Jameson: You're fired!
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