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Tina Turner For Plymouth (1980)
In this ad, the famed singer promotes the Plymouth Voyager.
A Mickey Rourke Japanese Car Commercial (1980)
The infamous actor/boxer plays around with a noisemaker while talking about the 1988 Daihatsu Charade.
Bennett Auto Value (1990)
This commercial for a car store features two twins who I think look good, but I think also might be Albinos as well.
The New Generation Of Oldsmobile (1990)
Beatles drummer Ringo Starr and his daughter Lee (who looks quite Goth) advertise the 4-Door Cutlass Supreme. This commercial also proves that a Beatl
A Trak Auto Commercial (1980)
Pat Harrington, as his character Schneider from "One Day At A Time", advertises several deals at this store.
Celine Dion And Chrysler Once More (1990)
Dion dances with a few friends and then hops in a Chrysler car (I'm sorry that I haven't been able to name exact models with these ads...I'm not that
Another Celine Dion Chrysler Ad (1980)
After a particularly good concert, Dion hits the road.
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  • Taina singing: You know I can't wait to see my name in lights. No one's gonna stop me you'll see.
    -Taina singing
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