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The Family Planning Center Of Cayuga County (1985)
This is a medical center for those in the family way.
One Dumb Move (1985)
This is an old-school rap PSA about the dangers of drugs.
Dick Clark For The National Parkinson Foundation (1985)
Dick Clark does a PSA for Parkinson's Syndrome.
Woodsy Owl (1988)
from 1988
Partnership for a Drug-Free America "Faces" PSA (1987)
If you don't tell your children about the dangers of drugs, You may look different of staring you in a face, problem will not go away, or worse?
Above The Influence-The Dog Hallucination (2007)
"How would you tell a friend?"
Jewish Chautauqua Society Anti-hate PSA (1982)
An EXTREMELY bizarre anti-hate Public Service Announcement that aired in December 1982. This scared children. Don't believe me, then take a look.
Illinois Vocational Education (1983)
This ad discusses the importance of this type of education.
The Children's Home And Aid Society Of Illinois (1983)
This is a PSA for a foster children program.
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