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Mcdonalds Land Commercial (1971)
This Is in low quality Because this was a rare find and was only found in low quality
Pizza Hut (1993)
from 1993
BK TeeVee - Everyday Value Menu (1993)
Check out these deals! I Love this Place!
Wendy's Training Video - Got to Serve the Drinks (1992)
This the Wendy's training video from 1992.
BK TeeVee - Aladdin Cups (1992)
free disney aladdin magic cups.
BK TeeVee - Dinner Basket (1992)
You know what time it is!!!, I love this place :)
The Land Before Time Australian Pizza Hut Ad (1990)
This is an Australian Pizza Hut commercial with dinosaur puppets promoting the Australian video release of "The Land Before Time".
Red Lobster In 1981 (1981)
"For the seafood lover in you..."
The Denny's Super Bird Sandwich (1981)
It was a turkey sandwich with a lot of toppings.
Quote O' Matic
  • Scott: (Regarding Camden) "That guy's really weird".

    Jennie: "Why, because he has perfect manners and a boat?"
  • Where The Boys Are '84