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Dairy Queen - DQ Treat Toys. (1998)
I wish I had some of these.
Dairy Queen - Treatmeal (1991)
From 1991.
McDonald's-Do You Believe in Magic? (1992)
The ad every 90's kid remembers and their parents wish to forget.
McDonalds' McLean Deluxe Ad 3 (1991)
This ad with an early 90s hip-hop flavor is about a blind taste test.
McDonalds' McLean Deluxe Ad 2 (1991)
This ad talks about how critics like the burger.
McDonalds' McLean Deluxe Ad 1 (1991)
This ad is preceded by a bumper for "The Best Of Disney: 50 Years Of Magic".
Little Caesars' Cheeser Cheeser Pizza (1991)
Character actor Mike Hagerty, whom you might recognize from "Wayne's World", appears in this ad.
Snickers Ice Cream Bars At Burger King (1991)
A rather big event at the time...
Burger King's Make It Special Contest (1980)
Food prizes as well as cash prizes of varying amounts...
Pizza Hut (1993)
from 1993
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