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Kraft Macaroni And Cheese-The Nightmare (1991)
This ad came from the Cheese And Macaroni campaign.
Heinz Ketchup-The Ants (1991)
Marching ants channel "The Wizard Of Oz" in this ad.
Dr. Pepper: The Drive-In (1991)
This ad came from the "Just What The Doctor Ordered" campaign.
Doublemint Gum-Double Double (1991)
"There's no single gum like it".
Diet Pepsi-The Auditions (1991)
This ad full of singer cameos has been posted before. Here it is without watermarks.
Diet 7-P: Break The Ice (1991)
...And some other things, too, in the dialogue.
Bon Bon Ice Cream (1991)
This ad is clipped at the beginning.
American Dairy Association-Crazy Cowboys (1991)
Interesting idea of crazy...
Got Milk? - Corn Flakes (1996)
Fourth of four.
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  • Eeyore: Before I begin I just want to be clear. I won't tell any Pooh jokes.
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