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Bagel Bites (1996)
from 1996
Chips Ahoy (1983)
from 1983
Popsicle - Popsicle Pete 1 (1990)
Great series of commercials.
Pop-Secret Popcorn (1987)
from 1987
Hostess Cupcakes (2000)
from 2000
Meiji MogiMogi Fruits Ad (2000)
This Japanese commercial promotes Meiji candies in the shape of fruits as two girls try to stop a giant from eating them!
Hawaiian Punch Typhoon Blasters 2 (1996)
New ad with new flavors.
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  • Oskar Kokosha: Oskar Kokosha: Don't worry, Arnold, there's no way I can lose. [next frame] I can't believe I lost.
    -Oskar Kokosha
  • Hey Arnold!