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The Art Institute's Fashion Merchandising Program (1988)
Locations all over the country...
1988 Olympic Shirts (1988)
Money from the purchase of these shirts went to benefit the U.S Olympic team.
Women's Sandals At Payless (1985)
This ad has a mother talking about wearing the shoes at her son's baseball game.
Favya Smart Money Spree (1985)
Unusual lip-synching in this ad...
Levi's Ad 3 (1980)
3 of 3
Levi's Ad 2 (1980)
2 of 3
Levi's Ad 1 (1980)
1 of 3
Just Jeans Australian ad #3 (1994)
Third ad, from 1994.
Just Jeans Australian ad #2 (1979)
Second ad, from 1979
"The Forecast Is Bon Jour" (1980)
This ad for Bon Jour Jeans was originally posted to YouTube by Goosio999.
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