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Levi's Ad 3 (1980)
3 of 3
Levi's Ad 2 (1980)
2 of 3
Levi's Ad 1 (1980)
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Just Jeans Australian ad #3 (1994)
Third ad, from 1994.
Just Jeans Australian ad #2 (1979)
Second ad, from 1979
"The Forecast Is Bon Jour" (1980)
This ad for Bon Jour Jeans was originally posted to YouTube by Goosio999.
C&A Clothing Stores (1980)
Another C&A Clothing ad from Brazil.
An Ultra Sense Pantyhose Ad (1980)
A cabaret singer and a lawyer both show how they've "got pull". The audio is a little bad, though.
An Undie Leggs Ad (1980)
This was a panty and pantyhose in one set.
An Ad For The Red Barn (1980)
This was a clothing store in Rochester, NY.
Quote O' Matic
  • Announcer: And now the stars of America's game: Pat Sajak and Vanna White!
  • Wheel of Fortune
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