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We're Exxon Ad 1 (1981)
One of two ads paying tribute to Exxon employees...
Quaker State Motor Oil (1981)
I think that might be Hardy Rawls from "The Adventures Of Pete And Pete" in this ad.
Phillips Petroleum (1981)
"Good things for cars...And the people who drive them".
Oldsmobile With Diesel (1981)
They wouldn't advertise like this nowadays, I don't think.
Firestone 721 Radials (1981)
This ad promotes discounts on the tires.
Bonuses From Chevy Trucks (1981)
The bonuses are a little bigger nowadays.
Deals From American Motors (1981)
A little something for everybody from this company...
The 1982 Ford EXP (1981)
This ad actually comes from 1981.
Honda Odyssey - Volume (2004)
Featuring Mr. Opportunity.
Honda Civic - The Facts (2004)
Featuring Mr. Opportunity.
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