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Chevy S-10s (1986)
...And lots of 'em.
Automotive Engineering (1986)
This ad promotes how they could help replace engines.
'87 Nissan Fever (1986)
This ad aired on New Years' Eve 1986, looking forward to the new year.
Carbone Nissan (1990)
This was a Syracuse, NY-based car dealer.
Raindance Car Wax (1990)
Just add water...
Pontiac-Looking Forward To Christmas 2001 (1990)
That was a rough year.
The Mitsubishi Gallant (1990)
This is a 1990 ad for the car.
Meineke's Free Under Car Inspection (1990)
This ad briefly mentions what that entails.
The Hyundai V6 Sonata GLS (1990)
That's a mouthful...
Armor All In 1990 Ad 2 (1990)
How do you protect your car?
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