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Record Breakers Road Burner Series (1989)
Battery-operated cars...They tended to die out quickly.
"Police Academy" Toys (1989)
I had some of these in the early 90s.
Play-Doh Munchin' USA (1989)
These sets always struck me as unusual.
Pizza Party (1989)
Another ad with an old-school flavor...
Operation From Milton-Bradley (1989)
This ad has the classic jingle. It was shortened in the 90s.
The Nerf Turbo Football (1989)
I was never good at playing football.
My Little Pony-Sparkle Ponies (1989)
An old-school My Little Pony ad...
High School And Teen Dance Jazzie Dolls (1989)
From the same company as Barbie...
The Hot Wheels Car Wash (1989)
Another interesting toy I didn't have when I was younger...I just liked the cars.
Hot Potato (1989)
You can tell this is an 80s ad from the puns at the beginning.
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  • Dr. Gavin: "Of course! This creature needs the ordinary necessities of human life - proteins, fats, sugars and so forth. But since his organs are so decomposed it needs the only food which can keep it alive."

    Hank Green: "Blood?"

    Dr. Gavin: "Human blood. If a human body - a drowned person - we...
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