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A Skyline Cars Ad (1980)
This is a Japanese car ad featuring Paul Newman.
Chevrolet-"The Heartbeat Of America" (1980)
Aretha Franklin sings the jingle while scenes of both Chevrolet's cars and various Americans play out.
Another Father And Daughter Oldsmobile Ad (1990)
In this ad for the Cutlass Supreme, the daughter is Melanie Shatner, daughter, of course, of William.
A Renault Ad (1980)
It's only a car, guys.
A Worthington Ford Ad (1980)
In this ad, Worthington's "dog" is a monkey. It's a little clipped at the beginning.
A Worthington Chevrolet Ad (1980)
In this ad, his "dog" is a seal.
A Worthington Cars Ad (1980)
In this ad, Worthington's "dog" is a bunch of penguins. Unfortunately, it cuts off at the end.
A Chevrolet Ad With Michael Jordan (1980)
Most of it is clips of some of his early days with the Chicago Bulls, but he himself appears at the end.
Ultra Tune (1980)
This is an ad for an Australian car service.
A Canadian Maaco Ad (1980)
This ad is book-ended by a novelty rap tune.
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