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Worthington Cars (1980)
This ad promotes Cal Worthington's Suzuki and Dodge franchises.
Santa Claus Behind A Thunderbird (1980)
Better than reindeer...
Goodyear Auto Service (1990)
"Right way"...
Exxon Gasolines (1990)
A tiger in the snow...Interesting.
The Infiniti J-30 (1990)
I believe that's Michael Douglas doing the narration.
Jonathan Pryce For Infiniti (1990)
You'll recognize him from the movie "Evita".
A Hertz Ad (1980)
"You don't just rent a car...You rent a company".
2 Chevrolet Commercials (1980)
The first one advertises the Camaro Sports Coupe, while the second advertises a $1,000 cash back deal.
Don Weir's Reno Dodge (1980)
This ad promotes a birthday sale (I'm presuming the birthday of the dealer's opening).
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