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"Scandal" On ABC (2014)
This is a quick promo for the show.
"Resurrection"-Rachael (2014)
This is the 3rd of 3 promos for the show.
"Resurrection"-Caleb (2014)
This is the 2nd of 3 promos for the show.
"Resurrection"-Jacob (2014)
This is the first of 3 promos for the ABC drama.
Movies On Google Play (2014)
I'm old-fashioned in that I still watch movies on physical media.
"Modern Family" On ABC (2014)
This ad is done in the style of the Facebook anniversary videos.
Jerry Taft For ABC Chicago's Accu-Weather (2014)
Taft talks about his military service in this promo.
The "Aladdin" Trilogy On DVD (2004)
This ad promotes the "Aladdin" sequels that were also in a box set with the first one.
Jetix In 2004 (2004)
Most of these shows didn't make it to Disney XD.
Hot Days Cool Nights Promo (1995)
Theme song of a 90s Disney Channel block.
Quote O' Matic
  • Sunny and Frankenstein: Hey Frankenstein, what do ya want to eat- a hot dog?"
    "30 packets of ketchup!!!!
    -Sunny and Frankenstein
  • Big Daddy