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"If" PSA - Partnership for a Drug-Free America (1988)
Cocaine: It's Not for Anybody!!!
"Fried Egg" PSA - Drug-Free America (1987)
This is your brain, This is Drugs, This is your Brain On Drugs, Any Questions?
"The More You Know" PSA - with Stone Phillips (1994)
Stone Phillips from "Dateline NBC" talks about the dangers of drugs & drinking
"Faces" PSA - Partnership for a Drug-Free America (1987)
If you don't tell your children about the danger of drugs, You might find a problem of staring you in a face, a problem that won't go away?
What If Doctors Smoked Pot? (1988)
This was a Partnership For A Drug-Free America PSA.
ABC/PBS' Youth Plus (1988)
This ad launched the 2 network's education movement.
Jewish National Fund PSA 2 (1992)
This PSA talks about Soviet Jews coming to Israel.
Jewish National Fund PSA 1 (1992)
This PSA talks about creating land.
A 1992 PSA About Heartburn (1992)
This PSA has a man resigned to dealing with this.
Drug-Free America PSA "Drug Dealers" (1995)
You think Drug Dealers look bad?, One who tried to get him to use drugs, He was his best friend?
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