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Titus-Will Ford's Ornaments For Kids' Books (1990)
The Washington car dealer invited customers to help get books for homeless kids.
People For The American Way-Freedom Of Thought (1985)
People, both famous and normal, talk about eggs in this ad.
Piracy-It's A Crime (2006)
If you bought a DVD in the mid-00s, you'll recognize this PSA.
Chapters In Black American History (1984)
This PSA talks about a man named Emmett Conrad.
NYSUT-Speaking To The Parent (1985)
This is a PSA for a New York teachers' union.
A PSA About Not Talking To Strangers (1985)
This ad has still photos accompanied by audio of 2 kids.
Get Into The Seat Belt Habit (1985)
People practicing it everywhere...
The Family Planning Center Of Cayuga County (1985)
This is a medical center for those in the family way.
One Dumb Move (1985)
This is an old-school rap PSA about the dangers of drugs.
Quote O' Matic
  • Dante & Veronica & Customer: Dante: how many, how many dicks have you sucked?
    Veronica: something like 36?
    Dante: 37, is that including me?
    Veronica: ummm 37?
    Dante: 37 my girlfriend sucked 37 dicks.
    Customer: In a row?

    -Dante & Veronica & Customer
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