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Windows 95-Start Me Up (1995)
The famous ad on the 20th anniversary of the operating system's release.
Want Love? Get Close-Up (1988)
This toothpaste ad takes place outdoors.
New England Telephone (1988)
This ad says to "give a jingle".
Maytag-Dishes And Silverware (1988)
This ad is preceded by a bumper for the "Disney Sunday Movie".
Kodak Colorwatch System-Bill Cosby's Baby Talk (1988)
This ad with the infamous predator was posted a long while back. Here it is without watermarks.
Barbara Sawyer For Kal Kan (1988)
The noted dog trainer promotes this dog food.
Head And Shoulders Shampoo-Brother And Sister (1988)
"You only get one chance to make a first impression".
Fancy Feast Cat Food (1988)
Fancy all around...
Dimetapp-Family Advice (1988)
This ad is followed by a WMTW news promo with Jonathan Hall and a bumper for the "Disney Sunday Movie".
Crest-Kathy Alward (1988)
I posted this ad a long time ago. Here it is without watermarks.
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