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Pierre Cardin Men's Cologne (1984)
This better-quality version isn't clipped at the end.
PH Balanced Secret (1984)
A man and a woman play racquetball before their night out.
The Okimate 10 Printer (1984)
Printers have come a long way...
Grumman Data Systems Institute And Waterbed Plaza (1984)
I couldn't separate these two Long Island ads, so here they are, back-to-back.
Barbra Streisand's "Emotion" At Sears (1984)
Sears doesn't sell music anymore.
A&P Supermarkets Christmas Ad (1985)
This Christmas-themed ad is from 1985.
Preparation-H - At the drugstore (1980)
Could that clerk be veteran NBC v/o Fred Facey?
Disney Parks-Where Dreams Come True (2014)
They rarely advertise the parks individually anymore.
Royal Comfort Pipe Tobacco (1981)
Smoking on the sea...
Northwestern Banks' Prime Cash Fund (1981)
Another way to invest money...
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