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Gallo Sauvignon Blanc (1990)
The guests seem more interested in the wine than in the main course.
Wrigley's Spearmint Gum-The Little Lift (1987)
This ad is about fun outdoors.
Michelob-To Live And Die In L.A (1987)
This ad uses a rewritten version of the popular Wang Chung song.
Mars Bar-Climbing (1987)
Not every ad is what it seems.
Lay's Made In The Shade Contest (1987)
I would probably choose the trip to Tahiti.
Miller Lite-Jumpin' Joe Piscopo (1987)
This ad has been posted before. Here it is without watermarks.
Dewey Stevens Wine Coolers In 1987 (1987)
"1/3rd less calories, 2/3rds more fun"...
Bartles And Jaymes-Airplane (1987)
This ad aired in anticipation of the 4th Of July weekend in 1987.
Mr. PIBB - My Sharona (1996)
Featuring the voice talents of the late great Tony Jay.
Butterball (1987)
from 1987
Quote O' Matic
  • Duckie: I want you to know: Despite my appearance at this function, I remain now, and will always be, a Duckman.
  • Pretty in Pink