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Calvin Klein Jeans-Lauren (1983)
This model looks around the age Brooke Shields was when she did her Calvin Klein ads.
Cabbage Patch Kids Diapers (1984)
from the 80s
Levi Jeans - Mr. Boombastic (1995)
Great ad from the 90s
Levi's Ad 4 (1980)
Great series of animated ads.
Target-Are You Ready? (1998)
I think this is a clothing ad.
Sears: Take Another Look (1998) (1998)
This ad compares 90s fashions and older fashions.
Huggies Supreme-4 Star Care (1998)
This diaper ad combines live-action and animation.
Breathable Huggies Ultratrim Diapers (1998)
A baby jumps out of an airplane in this ad.
The Anthony Richards Catalog (1998)
This was a plus-size clothing for women collection.
L.A Gear Shoes-City Of Women (1988)
This ad, as you can tell from the title, centers around women.
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