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SEGA Master System II/Mega Drive/Game Gear (Spain) (1992)
It was taken from Lo Nunca Visto de Sega on VHS promo from Spain. It's only in Spanish.
Sega Game Gear (1992)
This featured a cool TV tuner accessory. Sonic game is actually the Mega Drive (Genesis) version.
"Electronic Gaming Monthly" (1992)
This ad, oddly enough, aired after an episode of "Gamepro TV".
Gameboy - Play it Loud (1990)
Sorry about the end
Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire Versions (2003)
For me, this was memories. Pokemon Sapphire was my first video game.
Pokemon Gold & Silver Versions (2000)
Probably the best of the older generations.
Pokemon-Game Link Cable (1998)
This was the only legit way to catch 'em all, until gamers with too much time discovered huge glitches that let you get all of them with one game.
Banjo Tooie (2000)
Back when Rareware actually made good games!
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim TV commercial (2011)
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim TV commercial
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