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Gameboy Play It Loud! (1995)
The end is clipped.
Disney Infinity (2015)
This ad promotes both the regular and Marvel starter packs for the game.
Panasonic 3DO (1995)
A 1995 ad for the system.
Panasonic 3DO (1993)
The original launch commercial.
Atari Jaguar (1992)
The launch ad for the system and its "Do the math" campaign.
Tiger (1995)
It looks a lot better in the commercial.
Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)
Another commercial for the Virtual Boy
Virtual Boy games (1995)
An ad for 4 new games.
Virtual Boy (1995)
The original launch commercial.
Quote O' Matic
  • Animal: GO HOME!!! GO HOME!!! Bye-Bye (Faints as we see the ending credit caption that reads "This film is dedicated to the Memories and Magic of Edgar Bergen (1903-1978)".)
  • The Muppet Movie