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MGM Cartoon (Non-Tom and Jerry version) (1967)
As seen on "The Bear that Wasn't". This was the last Chuck Jones / Abraham Levitow cartoon short for MGM.
MGM Cartoon (Tom and Jerry Variant) (1963)
Seen on the Chuck Jones/Abraham Levitow Tom and Jerry cartoons.
Hanna-Barbera/CineGroupe (1984)
Taken From "Yo Yogi!"
Hanna-Barbera/Cartoon Network (1994)
Taken From "What A Cartoon!" On WGN-TV
Farewell from The WB (2006)
The final sign off from The WB Network on September 13, 2006.
Hanna-Barbera/Multimedia Entertainment (1964)
Taken From "The Pixie & Dixie/Yogi Bear Hour"
Hanna-Barbera/Turner Program Services (1984)
From The Re-run Of "2 Stupid Dogs"
Hanna-Barbera/Peter Rodgers Organization (1974)
Taken From "The New Yogi Bear Show"
Gracie Films - With lyrics (2014)
Taken from "The Simpsons Guy". With Peter Griffin singing the Gracie Films jingle. "And now the show is over now!"
Kim Possible Greatest Hits on Disney Channel. (2004)
All of the Greatest Hits of Kim Possible on Disney Channel.
Quote O' Matic
  • Ash Pikachu and the gang: All: It's Team Rocket!
    Pikachu:Pi Pikachu!
    -Ash Pikachu and the gang
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