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Chevrolet-Speed Chaser (2014)
Three kids created a Chevrolet ad and this is what they came up with.
The Cadillac ELR (2014)
In this ad, a man talks about how Americans always look for new adventures.
The Cadillac CTS Sedan-Aim For The Moon (2014)
Commercial actors can breathe in space, apparently.
The Cadillac CTS Sedan (2014)
One of Cadillac's newest cars...
We're Exxon Ad 2 (1981)
Another tribute to Exxon employees...
We're Exxon Ad 1 (1981)
One of two ads paying tribute to Exxon employees...
Quaker State Motor Oil (1981)
I think that might be Hardy Rawls from "The Adventures Of Pete And Pete" in this ad.
Phillips Petroleum (1981)
"Good things for cars...And the people who drive them".
Oldsmobile With Diesel (1981)
They wouldn't advertise like this nowadays, I don't think.
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  • Chuckie: Just answer one thing to me, Tommy... just answer one thing. (yelling) Why do I have to be Stinky?
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