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Coleco Gun-It-and-Go Chopper (1983)
Kids want to see something in a motorcycle, so they're shown to the Coleco Gun-it-and-Go Chopper . Originally posted to YouTube by 'tapthatt2012'
Battle Ball (1990)
Meet paddleball's extreme cousin...
Toys R Us-I Don't Want To Grow Up (1990) (1990)
This ad has a slightly hip-hop beat.
Pooch Patrol (1990)
These were toys whose appearance you could change.
My Buddy And Kid Sister (1990)
They were still around in 1990.
Lazer Tag In August (1986)
This ad came from the launch of the toy.
Toys R' Us-Mickey Town Circus Playset (1989)
A Disney toy advertised at Christmas...
The Early Birds Game (1989)
Here's another game that's rather rare.
Spider Wars (1989)
Spiders and vampires...Rather odd to advertise around Christmas.
Record Breakers Road Burner Series (1989)
Battery-operated cars...They tended to die out quickly.
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