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Solid Gold Hits on KTVU with guest Mick and Bette (1984)
With Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones and Bette Midler.
Rare sneak peak of Futurama (1999)
A rare sneak peak of Matt Groening's second TV series Futurama from 1999.
Fox Kids Network (1990)
They launched in 1990 before defuncted in 2002. Fox Kids Network is the children's program block.
NBC Promos-"Today" And KNBC News 4 LA (1982)
Local and national material...
NBC Promo-"St. Elsewhere" And "Fame" (1982)
Two shows never completed on DVD...
NBC Promo-"Gavilan" And NBC News Capsule (1982)
Bob Jamieson is the anchor of the News Capsule.
Shogun, Pt. 4 Movie Promo on KTVU (1986)
Taken from 1980 Miniseries.
Quote O' Matic
  • Wilma's Mom: You could've married Elliot Firestone, the man who invented the wheel.
    -Wilma's Mom
  • The Flintstones