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Julio Iglesias: Raices New Album (1989)
Music from Julio.
103.5 The New KTU Radio Station (1996)
Before was KTU in 1975 to 1985 like Disco 92 and others towards Hi-NRG and a new radio station in 1996.
Oreck XL Vacuum Original Commercial (1995)
The original ad for the Oreck XL vacuum. Watermerked.
Microsoft Windows with Steve Ballmer (1985)
Microsoft's Steve Ballmer sells the original version of Windows in 1985. Low quality.
Mr. Clean - Live and in Person (1964)
Mr. Clean portrayed by Mark Dana. You thought Mr. Clean was a silent character. Well, You are WRONG!
Mr. Clean - Little Girl (1964)
Thank You, Mark Dana. We love you, And we miss you so much. :'(
Bounce (2003)
from 2003
Robitussin (2000)
from 2000
Wisk (1997)
from 1997
Neosporin (2000)
from 2000
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