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Hardee's (1992)
from 1992
Pizza Hut (1993)
from 1993
Dairy Queen (1993)
from 1993
Wendy's Kids' Meal - Weird Writers (1993)
Does Wendy's even have a kids' meal anymore?
Dairy Queen - Kids Pick-nic (1997)
Remember when commercials were creative?
Boston Market Christmas (1995)
from 1995
Red Lobster Christmas (1993)
from 1993
McDonalds-First Job, Second Family (2014)
Co-workers can become like family if you get close with them.
Dunkin' Donuts Eggs Benedict Sandwich (2014)
One of their newer sandwiches...
Pizza Hut (1984)
from 1984
Quote O' Matic
  • Mayor Vaughn: "I'm not going to stand here and see that thing cut open and see that little Kintner boy spill out all over the dock."
  • Jaws