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Domino's Pizza (1986)
from 1986
McDonald's Shamrock Shake & Sundae (1980)
Don't know what happened to the original so here's a re-upload.
There's Only One McDonald's (1982)
...Metaphorically speaking, that is.
McDonald's Is America's Favorite (1982)
This ad came from the McDonald's And You campaign.
McDonald's Halloween (1999)
A 1999 ad.
McDonald's Halloween Pails (1990)
Ad for the 1990 series of pails.
Shoney's (1987)
from 1987
Red Lobster (1987)
from 1987
Red Lobster (1987)
from 1987
Pizza Hut (1987)
from 1987
Quote O' Matic
  • Grandmother: Look closely, children. 17 lashes. One for each year she lived in sin with your father. So you hear me now, I will give you food and shelter, but never kindness or love. For it is impossible to feel anything but disgust for something that is unwholesome.
  • Flowers in the Attic