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The Land Before Time Australian Pizza Hut Ad (1990)
This is an Australian Pizza Hut commercial with dinosaur puppets promoting the Australian video release of "The Land Before Time".
Red Lobster In 1981 (1981)
"For the seafood lover in you..."
The Denny's Super Bird Sandwich (1981)
It was a turkey sandwich with a lot of toppings.
McDonalds - McRobots (1989)
They don't make commercials this good anymore.
Baskin Robbins Commercial (1992)
Featuring Pinky the Spoon.
Pizza Hut (1989)
from 1989
Pizza Hut (1989)
from 1989
Red Lobster (1996)
from 1996
Red Lobster (1996)
from 1996
Red Lobster (1985)
from 1985
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