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Newtons (1999)
from 1999
Jell-O (1993)
from 1993
M&M's (1993)
from 1993
Pillsbury Sweet Rolls Commercial (1994)
Have yourself a sweet good mornin'
Mott's Applesauce (1993)
from 1993
Skittles - Is that Real? (1990)
Nice Reggae music in this commercial.
Payday- Totally Nuts (1993)
Guy has a whole world in his locker.
Skittles (1991)
from 1991
Cool Whip (1999)
from 1999
Skittles (1994)
from 1994
Quote O' Matic
  • Tamki: Kyouya! you call the hair designer!
    Tamki: Mori-senpai, get some contacts from the nurse!
    hunny: tama-chan! what about me?!
    Tamki: hunny- senpai you...
    Hunny: Yeah?! Yeah?!
    Tamki: Eat cake!
    Hunny: You know? He said everyone else is busy doing something.
  • Ouran High School Host Club