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AMC Theatres Policy Trailer (1988)
This is the AMC Theatres policy trailer possibly from 1988.
United Artists Theatres Policy Trailer (1989)
This is the United Artists Theatres policy from 1989 not only uncropped, but also with better quality.
Nickelodeon Bumper: SpongeBob [HQ] (1999)
Here it is in high definition!
Nickelodeon Bumper: Worms [HQ] (1988)
Here it is! in high definition!
Dreamworks SKG Pictures - Lost World variant (1997)
Used in the 1997 movie: "The Lost World Jurassic Park".
The Disney Channel - Kidscene Ident/Closed Caption (1988)
The closed caption notice was used during Kidscene (Late afternoon block on The Disney Channel).
PBS Kids - KTCA-TV 17 Sponsors for Cro (1993)
The local presentation to Cro on KTCA-TV 17 was by Cedar Point's Valleyfair and Dairy Queen. BTW, Their BGM is songs from Hal Roach comedy movies.
PBS Kids - Parnell and P-Pet (KTCA-TV 17) (1992)
I do miss the P-Pals.
Nickelodeon UK ID - Merry Christmas (1994)
Very rare British bumper only in the U.K. Santa rides on Volkswagen without a reindeer and they can fly. Merry X-mas, everyone! ^_^
Cat in The Hat/MGM TV (1966)
Chuck Jones' How The Grinch Stole Christmas begins with The Cat in the Hat raising his eyebrows, and ends with a lion roaring amidst a lion wallpaper.
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