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FBI Warning Batman (1998)
Taken From Scooby-Doo Greatest Mysteries
EWTN Ident (1995-1997) (1995)
This was actually used between the mid-1990's
Hanna-Barbera/FilmRoos (1974)
From "Yakky & Friends"
Universal Pictures (1963)
With the updated version of the 1937 fanfare composed by Jimmy McHugh. The fanfare was officially retired in 1990.
MTM - Mimsie the lion (1971)
Mimsie can roar? This must be from one of the episode of Bob Newhart.
CTTV/KingWorld (Jeopardy!) (1985)
Used during the 3rd Season of Jeopardy! (1985-1986).
CTTV/KingWorld (Jeopardy!) (1989)
As seen at the end of Jeopardy! Starting on Season 7 (1989-1990).
Toon Disney's final sign-off (2009)
On February 13th, 2009. Toon Disney ends it's 11 year broadcast and it was replaced with Disney XD.
NHPTV Local Funding for Dr. Who (1988)
From 1988. WENH-TV Durham 11 New Hampshire Public Television (PBS).
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