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Kim Possible Every Day on Disney Channel (2003)
Kim Possible on Disney Channel every day.
The Swan Princess Stay Tuned Bumper (1995)
This is the Stay Tuned bumper with better audio quality taken from the original 1995 US VHS of "The Swan Princess".
Nick GAS-You're Watching-Long Version (2002)
Circa 2002 when the channel was new.
Disney Channel Break: American Dragon Premire (2005)
Disney Channel Break between shows: American Dragon Jake Long Premire.
Kim Possible Outtakes: Kim and Dad (2004)
Disney Channel Kim Possible Outtakes: Kim and Dad.
The Lion King (1987)
TriStar Pictures (Another You) (1991)
This is the 1984 TriStar Pictures logo with Richard Pryor's voice in the background taken from "Another You", which I have not seen yet.
TriStar Pictures (Look Who's Talking Too) (1990)
This is the 1984 TriStar Pictures logo with the talking Pegasus taken from "Look Who's Talking Too".
Shadow Projects/Shoe Flip Productions (2003)
From Season 2 Of "Funniest Pets & People"
Kids' WB! Bumper (2001)
The Following Bumper Might Be Hillarious!
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