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Nickelodeon UK - Grimmy promo (1995)
It made original airing on CBS in the U.S. was based on the comic strip that may entitled "Mother Goose & Grim" in 1991. This ones U.K. in 1995.
Nickelodeon UK - Nick Is Kids promo 2 (1995)
Includes: Welcome Freshman, Get The Picture, Fraggle Rock, GUTS, Weinerville, and Clarissa Explains It All.
Nickelodeon UK - Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (1994)
It was based on 1978 film will be the animated in 1990 original aired on Fox TV in the U.S. Here's the promo in the U.K. on Nickelodoen.
Nickelodeon UK - Rocko's Modern Life (1995)
Another promo of Rocko's Modern Life.
Nickelodeon - Nick Is Every Day promo (1993)
Includes, 1950s: Dennis The Menance, 1960s: Rocky & Bullwinkle, Underdog, Flipper, 1980s: Muppet Babies, Looney Tunes, and all original Nick shows.
Nickelodeon UK - Rocko's Modern Life (1995)
Rocko's Modern Life was created by Joe Murray original airing on Nickelodeon from U.S. was back in 1993. This ones 1995 promo in the U.K.
Nickelodeon UK - Mighty Max (1995)
Mighty Max is the American cartoon was based on the British miniture toys by Bluebird Toys. They came original aired on USA Network in the U.S.
KTVU Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Feb. 17-19! (1990)
Taken from 1990 Two for One Days.
Quote O' Matic
  • Harry: You tell on me, I tell on you.
  • Gib: What are you talking about, I'm as clean as a preacher's sheets. I'm as clean as...
  • Harry: What about that time you blew a six-week operation because you were too busy getting a blow job?
  • Gib: You knew about that?
  • Harry: Uh-huh.
  • True Lies