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"Beauty and The Beast" PSA - Drug-Free America (1987)
From the "Partnership for a Drug-Free America"
NBC "The More You Know" PSA - with Robert Stack (1990)
Robert Stack from "Unsolved Mysteries" talks about the dangers of Drinking & Driving
"My Boy" PSA - Partnership for a Drug-Free America (1989)
Do you Know your Child to stay away from Drugs?
PSA - The Constitution (1986)
from 1986 (with Porky and Petunia Pig)
Viacom sues Time Warner Cable (2008)
Time Warner Cable customers were warned that they will lose access to those networks due to a lawsuit.
WGN-TV 9 Chicago - For Kids' Sake (1986)
Another For Kids' Sake PSA campaign from WGN-TV Chicago.
WGN-TV 9 Chicago - For Kids' Sake (1986)
I remember seeing this on WGN-TV Chicago.
"This Is Your Brain On Drugs" (1988)
This brief PSA is followed by a bumper for the "Disney Sunday Movie".
Florida State Employment Service (1982)
If you want a job in Florida, go here...
Become A Police Officer (1987)
This PSA aired in Arizona.
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