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Yellow Pages-Sam's Stereo (1982)
This ad comes from the "Let Your Fingers Do The Walking" campaign...
Victor Kiam For Remington (1982)
A money back guarantee is promoted in this ad...
Topol Smoker's Tooth Polish (1982)
Another product you don't see advertised much anymore...
Step Saver (1982)
A quicker way to polish floors...
Kodacolor II Film (1982)
Pictures have gotten even more realistic since then...
Enhance Hair Products (1982)
More cool 80s hair on display in this ad...
Doan's Pills (1982)
A bowler with back pain takes these pills to feel better.
Cuticura Soap (1982)
For skin with different feelings...
Air Force-Aim High (1982)
This is a brief ad from their early 80s campaign.
American Greetings Cards At Eckerd (1982)
Cards available at Christmas of 1982...
Quote O' Matic
  • EJ:"Rudy"
    Rudy:"Eat up, and we can call it a day"
    (EJ eats the Snickers bar he stepped on)
  • The Monster Squad