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Sunset Blues Jeans From Chic (1986)
This ad is about audtioning dancers.
Ross: Storewide Clearance (1992)
A simple text-olny ad for a sale at Ross
Jordache Jeans-You Got The Look (1985)
They certainly do.
Huggies (1989)
from 1989
Huggies Supertrim Diapers (1980)
from the 80s
The Old Navy Post-Holiday Sale (2007)
More after-Christmas bargains...
Macy's Denim Sale And "One Tree Hill" Contest (2007)
It's been several years since I wore my denim jacket.
The Lane Bryant Have It All Sale (2007)
A big sale for big people...
Calvin Klein Jeans-Lauren (1983)
This model looks around the age Brooke Shields was when she did her Calvin Klein ads.
Cabbage Patch Kids Diapers (1984)
from the 80s
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