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Fruit Of The Loom Active Wear (1989)
Company head Bill Farley appears in this ad.
Burdines' 5 Million Dollar Shoe Spectacular (1989)
Lots of 80s footwear in this ad...
Levi's 501 Blues-Detective (1988)
This is a lesser-known ad from the long-running 501 Blues campaign.
90's Underoos (1990)
boy in underwear
Look For The Union Label (30 Second Version) (1980)
One of the garment workers speaks over a shortened version of the song.
Levi's Ad 5 (1986)
Another great addition in their animated campaign.
Converse All Stars - Mel the Monster (1994)
Also featuring Mad Doctors.
British Knights At Foot Locker (1990) (1990)
You don't see these around here anymore.
Akeem Olajuwon For L.A Gear (1990)
Just a quick ad with the basketball legend...
Luvs Deluxe Diapers (1990)
4 different diaper types are mentioned in this ad.
Quote O' Matic
  • Bill Cosby: Do not adjust your set. That was Rubber Duckie in English, Spanish, Hebrew, German, and French. How may ask, Is it possible? Well, It is possible! Because Sesame Street is the longest street in the world! It can be seen over 83 countries.
  • The Jim Henson Hour