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Phillips Petroleum (1981)
"Good things for cars...And the people who drive them".
Oldsmobile With Diesel (1981)
They wouldn't advertise like this nowadays, I don't think.
Firestone 721 Radials (1981)
This ad promotes discounts on the tires.
Bonuses From Chevy Trucks (1981)
The bonuses are a little bigger nowadays.
Deals From American Motors (1981)
A little something for everybody from this company...
The 1982 Ford EXP (1981)
This ad actually comes from 1981.
Honda Odyssey - Volume (2004)
Featuring Mr. Opportunity.
Honda Civic - The Facts (2004)
Featuring Mr. Opportunity.
Honda Mr. Opportunity - Listen Up (2004)
This was the first ad to feature Mr. Opportunity.
Anco Winshield Wiperblades ad (1980)
Featuring Jim MacGeorge (as Stan Laurel) and Chuck McCann (as Oliver Hardy).
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