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Pete Ellis Dodge (1986)
Kids sing the jingle in this ad...
The Mazda Good Buy '86 (1986)
An obvious pun...
California Hyundai Dealers (1986)
Stevens Creek Hyundai and Hayward Autowest are the dealers mentioned in this ad.
Ford Fever (1986)
This ad makes mention of the Ford Escort.
The Dodge Center In Redwood City (1986)
This ad promotes a California Dodge dealer.
Chevy S-10s (1986)
...And lots of 'em.
Automotive Engineering (1986)
This ad promotes how they could help replace engines.
'87 Nissan Fever (1986)
This ad aired on New Years' Eve 1986, looking forward to the new year.
Carbone Nissan (1990)
This was a Syracuse, NY-based car dealer.
Raindance Car Wax (1990)
Just add water...
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  • Mason Storm: I'm going to take you to the bank Senator Trent. To the blood bank.
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