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A Teen Pregnancy PSA From Milwaukee (1980)
Dick Hackett, the V.P of Marketing for the Milwaukee Brewers, talks about a booklet with advice regarding teen pregnancy.
A YMCA PSA From Milwaukee (1980)
"The YMCA...It's for all of you".
A Peace Corps PSA (1980)
Harry Belafonte does the narration for this ad, which is followed by a bumper for "Darby O'Gill And The Little People".
An American Red Cross PSA (1980)
It's followed by a brief news promo for NBC's Milwaukee affiliate.
The "Century Of Women" Special Achievement Award (1990)
This was an award competition tied in with the TBS special "A Century Of Women". We're a long way off from TBS programming like that now.
Purina's Pets For People (1980)
Animal therapy for the elderly...
A Ronald McDonald House PSA (1980)
They have fundraisers for this at the restaurants on occasion...
Read More About It (Herbie Hancock) (1980)
This bumper was featured at the end of a Grammy Awards ceremony from 1987.
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