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Cocaine-The Big Lie PSA 3 (1980)
This PSA has a man named William O'Donnell Jr. talking about cocaine almost made him lose everything.
Cocaine-The Big Lie PSA 2 (1980)
A woman identified as Rose C. talks about cocaine overtook her personal responsibilities. There's also an animated MTV I.D at the end.
Cocaine-The Big Lie PSA 1 (1980)
Sports star Mercury Morris talks about how cocaine ruined his career. There's also an MTV I.D with Ric Ocasek at the end.
An Oscar Mayer PSA (1980)
The video quality sucks, but this is a PSA promoting how this food brand was working to fund the renovations of the Statue Of Liberty.
A Child Abuse PSA From Florida (1980)
It can affect you in different ways...
Cheerios Kid Heroes (1980)
This PSA about a young man named Trevor Farrell's efforts to help the disadvantaged is preceded by a Cheerios advertisement and an FBI warning, being
Draggin' Lady (1980)
This spoof of the song "Disco Lady" is a PSA for the American Cancer Society.
Quote O' Matic
  • Charlie O'Donnell: "It's our biggest pay day yet! ONE! MILLION! DOLLARS!"
  • Wheel of Fortune